Excellence in all we Do

Jason & Co Advocates are dedicated towards providing our customers with an amazing experience. Our team consists of legal experts who are forward thinking and in tune with your needs. This combination allows us to provide you with the commercial advice you require to maximize your opportunities and overcome your challenges.

Jason & Co Advocates are committed to assisting you in navigating one of the world’s fastest-growing regulated industries. Our goal is to be an instrument for companies seeking growth, closure of gaps between regions, and navigation of differences in different regulatory landscapes across the globe. The aim is to find you the ideal structure and ideal terms of business operations while conducting business across regions.

Our staff has been actively involved in the various sectors of the banking sector in recent years, with deep understanding of regional and domestic specificities. From landmark financing transactions in numerous countries to M&A transactions involving both local and international banking organizations. Our various practice groups regularly intervene in important banking and insurance matters, from regulatory aspects to transactions.

It’s difficult to navigate the capital markets. The economic environment is being reshaped by regulation and deregulation. In both emerging and developed markets, economic uncertainty persists. The corporate environment is being severely disrupted by globalization, sustainability, protectionism, technology, and other factors.

We’ll work with you to embrace change, overcome obstacles, and seize opportunities with the support of a worldwide team. More significantly, assist you in selecting the most appropriate transaction structure to achieve your goals. We’ve been involved in agreements that have had a significant impact. We provide advice to a wide spectrum of industry participants, offering us unique perspectives on issues from both sides of the transaction.

We offer a wide range of securities products including, securitization, high yield, structured finance debt and equity capital markets and derivatives, and corporate trust. What sets us different is our track record of providing groundbreaking capital market guidance in both established and emerging markets, resulting in innovative thinking and solutions.

Jason & Co Advocates works with the world’s most prestigious organizations to provide effective solutions to complex and high profile commercial disputes and regulatory issues.

Our approach to resolving disputes is both commercial and strategic. We align ourselves with our clients’ objectives and collaborate closely with our client teams to execute an agreed-upon strategy that produces the best results. We concentrate on the issues that are important, not just the process. Avoiding a dispute or preventing one from escalating is frequently the goal, and our teams are adept at using alternative dispute resolution procedures to that end.

The digitalization of business knows no bounds or insurmountable obstacles. It is having an immediate impact on businesses across all industries. We’ve all heard that dealing with the challenges of digitalizing your business can be difficult and unpredictable.

Jason & Co Advocates digital economy group takes up a customized approach to the digitalization of specific industries.

We are particularly interested in fintech, infratech, proptech, and TMT, but we recognize that digitalization is affecting all sectors of the economy, from agriculture to transportation.

Our team has been assembled to identify issues and provide legal solutions across all key disciplines, including strategic commercial arrangements, mergers and acquisitions, IPOs, financing, joint ventures, outsourcing, disputes, intellectual property exploitation, tax, and other key commercial activities.

We have offices all over the world, so we can assist you wherever the strategy applies or the problem arises.

To protect your hard-won advantage or implement new business strategies, you must have a team equipped with effective, timely, and well-thought advice. The advise hereby needs to be as creative and pragmatic, as well as experience-backed.

Our global employment team provides cutting-edge legal counsel and practical solutions to multinational clients on all areas relating to employment law. We provide advice on all advisory, transaction, and contentious matters including;

  • Workforce strategy and consultancy
  • Risk and compliance in the workplace
  • Benefits and compensation for executives
  • Conflicts in the workplace
  • Advisory for the workplace

The approach adopted by Jason & Co Advocates enables us to provide practical, commercial solutions for transactions as well as commercial, governance, and regulatory issues.

We pride in being well-resourced and present in major commercial centers. We owe this to our extensive network of global corporate partners, to advise on M&A, private equity, joint ventures, equity capital markets, governance, and regulatory issues. It is an indication that we have a rich team with knowledge and experience to counsel your company on its reputational and legal risks throughout its life cycle.

Our advice crosses borders because we are a global corporate practice. On matters relating to transactions and other governance and regulatory issues, clients increasingly require access to best-in-market advice across multiple jurisdictions. Because of our global presence, we can mobilize teams from different offices to ensure conduct of a seamless service for all cross-border matters, including in jurisdictions where we do not have a physical presence.

Our team counsels clients on all aspects of real estate activity, including large-scale development schemes, asset management, real estate finance, high-profile acquisitions and divestitures, funds, construction, planning, joint ventures, environmental, and tax advice.

We also provide advice on property financing transactions, major urban regeneration projects, resource, and infrastructure projects, real estate aspects of energy, public-private partnerships, and private finance initiatives.

Our market-leading expertise and commercial focus enable us to complete the most complex and often groundbreaking real estate transactions.

We have extensive experience advising across all property types, including hotel, office, retail, leisure, healthcare and senior living, residential (including build-to-rent), education, logistics and industrial, student accommodation, and transport, thanks to our market-leading expertise and commercial focus.

Our team can assist you with construction and development, fund and investment structuring, environment and planning, debt financing and capital raising, divestment and joint ventures, tax, and much more. It is an indication that our teams have the knowledge and experience to provide advice on transactions across the industry. In the real estate industry, complex and often pioneering transactions are common.

Technology is constantly revolutionizing the sectors of communications and commerce, thereby influencing businesses and society in a variety of ways, both directly and indirectly. The manner in which a business embraces new technologies is critical to the development of competitive advantages, and the creation or access to new markets.

The last two decades has seen the world experience a massive technological revolution. Companies are eager to innovate while people are eager to embrace technology. This has seen various companies being “early adopters” of new technologies including mobile banking services or cutting-edge healthcare transportation. This expansion is expected to continue in the coming years, and the challenges it will present will necessitate lawyers who can think creatively and come up with innovative solutions.

Our teams have advised on a variety of technology, media, and telecommunications transactions. These may include; boosting broadband capacities and cloud services to deals involving the use of technology towards better health care. We have the ability and desire to assist market innovators in their efforts to revolutionize the way business is done.