Excellence in all we Do

Jason & Co Advocates is dedicated to helping our customers build a solid foundation for success through transformations that formalize laws and regulations and addressing high-level governance and organizational concerns. Our teams work together to analyze the whole picture of a client’s situation in order to achieve the best possible commercial results, informed by and reinforced by Jason & Co Advocates’ top-tier legal experience.

Our clients entrust their most sensitive problems to our highly skilled and experienced team, knowing that they will be treated with the utmost privacy. Risk management, ongoing board advice and counseling, disclosure issues, and other compliance matters, assisting clients through complicated and high-risk decision-making are all examples of these engagements.

As a result, we assist firms in developing resilience, sustaining development, and becoming more prepared.

Our enterprise-wide risk management strategy aids boards in navigating an increasingly complicated risk environment.

Through counsel and insights into strong corporate culture, efficient organizational risk and crisis management, and a thorough awareness of the political, regulatory, and legal context, we can help firms feel more secure in their capacity to manage their reputation.

We help with multinational corporations to handle a wide range of boardroom concerns, including:

  • Search / Appointments for Chairman, Non-Executive Director, and CEO Performance Evaluations of the Board of Directors Planning for Board Succession
  • CEO Succession & Evaluation
  • Chairman / Board of Directors Governance Consultation
  • Independent guidance to boards of directors involved in major transactions
  • Independent board chair and directors’ responsibilities
  • Structure, composition, and charters of the board and committees
  • Compensation for directors
  • Processes for self-evaluation by the board and board committees

Investigations and reports by a special board committee

With a significant emphasis on the development and delivery of advise for the better execution and successful implementation of conduct, compliance, and risk management. Jason & Co Advocates supports clients on risk management, change management, and business performance in a sensible, pragmatic, and commercial manner.

We recognize that our clients require more than just legal counsel; they require holistic solutions to help them through the hurdles of doing business internationally. We have a unique blend of risk and conduct advisory capabilities that give customers with end-to-end legal and risk management solutions, informed and backed by Jason & Co Advocates’ leading legal specialists from throughout the world.

Our risk advisers take a solutions-oriented approach to assisting our clients in achieving their objectives, investing the time to learn our clients’ commercial drivers so that we may develop outcomes that are relevant.

Major financial services companies and blue-chip corporations are among our clients.

Competencies to Look For;

  • Operating model
  • Managed Services
  • Tech & Cyber
  • Risk & compliance modernization
  • Data & Analytics
  • Deal risk
  • Accountability risk
  • Governance risk
  • Conduct risk
  • Regulatory change
  • Regulatory enforcement risk
  • Financial crime.
  • Non-financial risk
  • Privacy & Data
  • Product / Distribution risk
  • Transformation risk
  • WHS
  • Technology, Cyber & ICT